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yelling obnoxiously loud, obviously

Discussion in 'New Users' started by jcmh1337, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. hi. names john. love to ride. get at me.
  2. can i neg rep just for thread title?

  3. I'm going with yes.
  4. Yeah, I was expecting more...
  5. neg rep given.

    First time ever.

    Grats John!
  6. Beaten by seconds! Well played Wyckedan, well played.
  7. What? LOL
  8. Use got swag bro!!1! Fuck teh haterz and welcome 2 da hoodz bro.
  9. You speakz like kitteh Katz?
  10. Haha! I think the point has been made. We don't say "yolo" up in here
  11. how do i put a picture next to my user name thing like you guys?
  12. YOLO! lol. ty.
  13. You can't....

    Ka BOOM!
  14. I just woke up and now i have a headache. thanks.
  15. Are you making a goddamn duck face?!?! Jesus fucking christ.
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