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your help is needed--- FOR THE KIDS

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by TMMR, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. The city of Portland allows bicyclists to ride nude and screw up traffic, they allow bicycles and walkers to close ALL the bridges in Portland for most of a day for the Bridge Run but a 32 year tradition that effects a few people for an hour or so is denied?????

    Whether you agree with the thoughts of the members of ABATE or not -- the city is denying a parade permit for the 32nd Annual ABATE TOY RUN.

    ABATE does more than talk about helmets. They work on all laws that effect you. Be it lane splitting, helmets, profiling, gun control. They work on many aspects of life -- BUT that is now what this is about. It is about kids like Gideon that benifit from the Toy run and bike raffle. Please read this whole post and have your voice heard by making phone calls or sending emails that this annual event should be issued their permit. Maybe in the end -- you might want to join the ABATE chapter near you and help make a difference to the laws that effect you.

    Gideon, who is a member of the SE Portland Chapter of Abate of Oregon, finally got a set of wheels and is now expressing himself as he wishes. His story, as told by his mother, is very special and is one of the many heartwarming stories that have been made possible by the Shriner's Hospital for Children and the SE Chapter's Toy Run donations and equipment presentations for the children and their families for over 30 years

    See Gideons video :

    Please let your voices be heard.


    The City of Portland has denied our parade permit for the 33rd Annual Toy Run for the Shriners Kids. Take a look at this video - this is what is at stake. We will continue to have a toy run but will not have a guided parade by the police ...department - we are on our own. See the press release and motorcycle community notification below. PLEASE SHARE THIS!!

    After a meeting with the City of Portland, we have been denied a parade permit for our 33rd annual ABATE/Shriners Toy Run.

    After 32 years, our commitment to the hospital and the cause of helping children of the Shriners Hospitals for Children is as strong as ever. We will continue to collect toys which are given to children who visit the hospital year round. We will also continue to raise money from our Harley raffle, so we can help children and their families out with needed equipment and financial aid. This year we will go over the half million dollar mark for equipment donated over the years.

    We will meet for our 33rd Annual Toy Run on December 1st . Our ride will be a self-guided ride this year. Santa will ride up to the hospital on his Harley with the child ambassador following in a Shriner’s Van. A contingent of motorcycles will accompany Santa and the child ambassador to the hospital. As we leave our meeting place, the City has asked that we obey all traffic laws, signals, signs, etc.. We have no authority to block intersections on our own. Everyone riding will be riding as if they were going on their own, and not part of a pack or parade. It may take a little longer for us to get to the hospital, but the kids are still going to see thousands of motorcycles coming over the Ross Island Bridge to see them. We will provide several different route choices to get to the hospital. The winner of a brand new Harley Davidson Street Bob and other prizes will be announced at noon. We will have our Santa party with the kids at 1:00PM and we will have our wheelchair and equipment presentation for the kids at 2:00PM.

    We understand the disappointment this turn of events will cause. The large number of riders that have come to participate and be so greatly generous to the kids of the Shriners Hospitals for Children has created something very special. At the same time, it seems we have become so large the City cannot handle so many riders. Although there will be no parade to the hospital, it is still about the kids in the big scheme of things. We ask the motorcycle community to continue to support the kids at the hospital and to help us make this a fun and enjoyable day for all. And so we will be trying a different approach this year and we ask for your continued help and support in making this the best – and safest toy run yet.

    We are looking at ways to get this decision reversed, if at all possible. We do not understand the city's position, given that they recently shut down TEN Portland bridges for the 17th annual bicyclists' Bridge Pedal. Our event is a 32 year Portland tradition, and would affect traffic MUCH less than the Bridge Pedal, on ONE bridge, and for much less time.

    The City of Portland cited several different reasons why they will no longer support our parade:
    1. Our parade is the only parade that fully closes off all traffic access.
    2. The Portland Police have observed bikers not stopping at the hospital, but continuing on their way down the hill. For this reason, they believe the parade is not truly about the kids, but motorcyclists “out for a ride”.
    3. The Police indicated the large number of officers needed to operate our parade. They often do not have enough officers, causing them to ask other agencies for help.
    4. The City is short on money and our parade is too big and too costly – last year the Police cost was $12,500.
    5. The City of Portland Transportation Bureau indicated that Powell Blvd. is under DOT jurisdiction. The Transportation Bureau indicated we cannot shut down a major State highway for any amount of time without DOT consent. Also, the DOT would be required to notify all transportation companies that a portion of Hwy 26 would be closed for our parade. The cost of the notification is $1,600.
    6. The Police indicated we did not have a weather plan. If there were bad weather, all officers would need to be notified 24 hours in advance of their shift that they would not be working that day, or the City would still be required to pay them for the day.

    In the meantime, if you wish to register your respectful dissatisfaction with this decision, you can contact the Mayor, SAM ADAMS, at (503) 823-4120 or send an email to: or write a letter to him and send it to: 1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 340, Portland, OR 97204.

    To find out more information on where we are meeting, leave comments or suggestions, as well as to check in for updates, you can visit our website at:

    Southeast Portland Chapter
    A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon, Inc.

    an update from today from Mike Friend:

    REGARDING THE TOY RUN -- THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Channel 6 came out to my place today and we had a good discussion. We will be on the CHANNEL 6 news tomorrow - we missed it today because the tennis match went long. Lars Larson did a good job of covering the issue today on his show. The city said they have NOT denied the permit. The Mayor's office told us they wouldn't support our parade at our last meeting -- that sounds like a denial to me... Anyway, it seems we will meet with the city again in a week or two and go from there. A few phone calls from the citizenry and a little news has gone a long way to get this back on course. We are not out of the woods yet. I will keep you all posted.


    Thunder Mountain Motorcycle Rescue has offered free ride support to all riders for this event -- even before we were in business. We will continue to support this event no matter if it is considered a parade or not. We hope that all who have enjoyed this event in the past will let their voices be heard so that it will continue so all the riders can ride up the hill together. Remember this is not about you or me, or about your bike over heating going up the hill, or even about whether you should wear a helmet, IT IS ABOUT THE KIDS THAT BENEFIT BECAUSE OF THIS RUN.
  2. I had called the mayor's office today and talked with one of his aids on this subject. He was quite polite and promised to get back to me with and answer. I did get a call from him within an hour, he said that the "Final" decision had not been reached as of yet and they were still in negotiations with ABATE. When I asked about the bridge peddle as being a similar event, he was quick to point out that Provenance hospital (The primary recipient of the proceeds) pays around 13,000.00 to the city for in event.

    So what it comes down to is, the city feels a charity event needs to be a money maker for the city first and the children second in this case.

    I have been and many members of my club have been volunteers as parade Marshall's at no charge to the city or event, the cops would be on duty anyway and what does it really cost the city to put this event on? According to the city, about 12,500.00.

    Bull sh!t!, this is just another shameless grab for money, and the mayor should hang his head in shame for it.

  3. Sam Adams? Boy-toucher Sam? Shame?

  4. +1
  5. Jeffytune nailed it perfectly.

    These city fuckholes are the same ones to fork out over a half million dollars babysitting the occutards, but they have to back out on supporting the Shriners run??????

    These assholes need to be called out for this!
  6. How much of a charity event is it if it costs taxpayers more than $12,000? Maybe there are better ways to get toys to kids.
  7. Yes, I know I thought the same thing as I wrote this, but I didn't want to go into his bathroom habits....
  8. There adding in the cost of every cop they use on the route, well most would be on patrol anyway, so that is bogus. Many of us volunteer to be marshals for the parade to keep the cost down. As I said I believe they are just looking for money and an excuse to extort it from someone.

    It not like they are putting out signs and sending letter and clearing the street or have to have street sweepers come in and clean up after us.
  9. If it's a charity event the city shouldn't get a damn dime! Much less 10k +... They should be ashamed... :angry7:
  10. In addition to that, as they explained it wouldn't necessarily be the Police used on all the route, it would be ODOT.

    But that's okay, like what Transport'arded would have you believing. Who cares about a charity for children, right? Fuck the kids because it costs each taxpayer three cents a piece.
  11. KillermondoDude

    KillermondoDude Intellectually Sphinctered

    folks give the story to the NEWS
  12. It will be on KOIN channel 6 tonight.
  13. This disgusts me.

    I first heard about the story on my drive home from work yesterday on the lars larsen show and since then it has been hard to get out of my head. Portland is a seriously messed up town.

    I sincerely wish Sam Adams would just go play in traffic, or jump off a bridge somewhere. That's probably the best thing he could do for the people.
  14. ^^^So, you agree with a far-right radiohead who thinks the city should take taxpayer money to pay for a group's charity drive? Sounds pretty socialistic to me.

    Just pointing out hypocrisy and how maybe the bikers should take a collection to pay for the ODOT/Police support, as it is their event. Or, they can find a way to deliver toys to kids that doesn't demand scarce resources from the city.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2012
  15. Its a double standard. The bicycle/walk/run events cost the city as much in police, lost revenue to business, and animosity towards various demographics as the charity event would. But at least the charity event would benefit some kids, instead of just making motorists angry at bicyclists.
  16. F'em. Just call it a "Critical Mass with Motors" and use "for the children" in every sentence.

    ETA: Or make this the most massive turnout ever, and go without a permit. Just make sure everyone obeys the traffic laws, and clog the shit out of the city.

    ETA again: Odd that "for the children" does not apply in this case, in a city where it's used to justify any expense, "for the children". Maybe there are not enough gay bikers involved and targeted gay children for Sam to care?
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2012
  17. Yep, can't argue with you there.

    That's pretty much it, we'll be good little bikers, yyyyyeah! Probably have a lot to laugh about at the spaghetti feed.
  18. you don't need to stop traffic w/ cops to have a motorcycle parade. just set a meeting place and a planned route. everyone can ride and following the traffic laws... be it 10 riders or a thousand.

  19. And, you're a mod. Way to pickem'. crackup:
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