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ZX-10R Quarter Mile Racing...the way it should be done

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. I took this video on Friday at MIR during a private test 'n tune session. The rider is factory Kawasaki rider Norman Jackson of K&N Motorsports on his '04 ZX-10R. Norman ran consistant 9.3s @ 150+ during 90 degree heat at MIR on 5-14-04.

    The ZX10R is 100% stock engine, stock wheelbase, only mods are lowered/strapped, geared (-2 front, stock rear), PC3R and Akrapovic pipe. Bike makes 164rwhp on a DJ250 using Ultimate4 fuel.

    This is how you do it, granted this guy is really really good. It is an all-stock ZX-10R that the guy is running low 9's in the quarter mile. All he has done is strapped down the front end. Keep an eye on the guy's throttle control, especially his near-perfect launches off the line. A great quarter mile demo of the 10's potential...

    Norm Jackson doing 9.34@152.
    Here is a link to the video. Enjoy.