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ZX-12R versus any liter bike...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, May 3, 2005.

  1. Thought I'd break away this topic from others and give it new life in this is my personal take on the matter...

    So if you ask me how close is the 12r compared to these new liter bikes?

    Not quite, but they are close. Most stock 12's are in the 158 - 162hp range stock, and put out significantly more torque than a 1000 (the old no replacement for displacement scenerio). While testing on the same dyno, the strongest 1000's are in the 152 - 153 range. But of course they are 100 pounds lighter, so it becomes a moot point.

    It would simply be nice to see a revised frame and a good diet given to the 12. Don't change the ergos too much (don't make it into a 10). It's in a different class than the 10. But given a few updates/changes, I'd buy another one.

    I've riden the 10r, last year's Gixxer, the new R1, and comparing them to my 12...

    The 12R quite honestly has just some insane brutal acceleration, but it easily forgotten when I remember how hard it is to slow down or turn in with that extra weight. Take a new liter bike and you can easily cruise through the twisties at 15-20mph faster than the 12. The 12 is the ONLY motorcycle that actually feels like it is yanking my arms out of my shoulder sockets when I give it a fistful of fuel. No bike has reproduced that.
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    right before i crashed i was almost touching your back tire in those turns, you had to slow down so much. then you took off and i had no one to follow... so i thought i'd check out my traction in the gravel...

    point is, you looked like you had trouble turning that thing... it's cool if acceleration is your deal, but i prefer to turn the bars once in a while...

  3. I'm right there with ya Beans, but I love the bike. Most of the interactions I have, at least around here, are "challenges" off the line. As for group rides, well, most of the group rides I've been on have been long corners or straight aways so, it's seems I have a slow down for most of them to "catch up." Ask Konig when we ran to Diablo that we maintain "12R speeds" most of the time while on the trip. I don't know, I wish I could afford two bikes for the roads I want to travel, such as a 10R or 6R, but such as life...

    I'm still on stock everything except for some a emissions modification and air-box leak fix. Konig has a full Muzzy system with a power commander, and as insane as the 12R is, we're both in the same gears and he past me like I was standing.

    For me, I love the thrill of the acceleration, but I still miss draggin me knee too.

    That's my .02
  4. eh, I'd try and help you guys with your debate, but my bike is just too slow ;)
  5. I would like to challenge you time we meet, ride my bike. If you don't feel like your arms are about to be RIPPED outta there sockets, I will respectfully step down from thinking the liter bikes can hang with the 12. Mine isn't quite stock should be close if not more rwhp/torque of the new bikes.

    I think if you do the right stuff to a liter bike, you will NEVER want another 12 or 1300cc bike. But that's just my guess. I wouldn't mind being proven wrong but I'd like you to try mine before you get too settled in your opinion.
  6. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    If I was any good (in due time) I would not want a bike like that if I could go faster in the twisties on something smaller. I thought the reason for getting a bike was to rail in the corners not go fast from stop light to stop light. Either way there is not much difference by magazine #s 600's compared to 1000's in the 1/4mile is like .2 +/- seconds.
  7. You are very right...1/4 mile speeds and 0-60 times are flat out amazing from the 600's. BUT don't be fooled, although 600's can and are very fast, they aren't a substitute for the performance and raw power that is a 1000 (or larger: beans) You'll see you have to shift less and pull much harder outta corners. 600's with the right rider can flat out FLY. And on the same note...1000's with the wrong rider will highside after the first couple turns.

    When it comes down to it, it's whatever is most fun for you! I love my gixxer 1000...beans loves his 1200 etc... "to each his own"
  8. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    Oh I know...I am sure my thoughts will change as I grow with my bike but just spouting off about my limited knowledge lol....
  9. Actually Beans, I met a Kawi Rep last December at the Superbike Show who owned a 12R and stepped down to the 10R because he said mod'd it and got the same performance.

    I like the look of the 10R (I even got a free photo from the show with me sitting on it) I just wasn't sure if he was just pumping me up to trade in my 12 to get a sale.

    Plus, I like to do road trips, and I just can't see myself being comfortable on long rides... I don't know.
  10. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Like Johnny-b was saying, everyone has there preference on bikes, go what you would think, would do best for you! I love my 600, I ride it like it's 1000, just cause I am so small on it I can. What I like about the 600 size bikes, is with a little practice you can be using 100% of its motor/power, completly workable. Compared to a 1000 u have to put a lot of practice to get it dialed down. Either way it is your preference on what kinda bike!
  11. All of these liter bikes are so fast as it is and so comparable...

    Call me the odd man out, but I think we got plenty of power. I'd rather see improvements in weight savings, handling, and fuel efficiency and emissions. And good sticky tires that last more than 2500miles under average use.
  12. Fantastic point Beans!
  13. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    you need to quit go going over 100mph wherever you go, and your tires will last alot longer.
  14. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    why buy a 12 if your gonna go slow? actually, they've got good ferring protection and are comfortable, so thats a good reason.
  15. My 12 runs very smooth at higher speeds...
  16. I think the 12 is a perfect bike for not just going fast, but for long trips. The additional power is worth it if you have a passenger. The fairing protection is superb, I've been able to tuck down behind that thing in the cold and the rain and it protects me more than some other bikes.

    I still think it is a great bike. I will never get ride of mine, ever. Even an SUV tried to mow me down and I can still say to this day I never laid a motorcycle down in over nine years of riding.

    The 12 will always be sitting in my garage. I know we are not suppose to get attached to bikes, but she just treats me so well. I'm gonna get her a sister so she has someone to talk to when she sits in the garage at night.
  17. I love that story .... :cry:

    It was a hallmark moment...
  18. :director: :stfu:

  19. ...thats it, I'm picking up my toys and going some place else to play....
  20. No way!! We need more 12's on here to represent!