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ZXXX is dead. Lng live ZXXX

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Sugarkitten, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Sugarkitten

    Sugarkitten Guest

    As the Zx-14 is long gone, I decided ZXXX was not an appropriate user name. As my wife has been insanely tolerant of ...well...everything that goes along with being involved with the SMC crew, she got to pick my username. From here forward, I shall be known as Sugarkitten. Anyone have a problem with that?
  2. Sugarkitten

    Sugarkitten Guest

    If we were previously may need to "friend" the new account.

  3. Alt accounts are very against the rules.
    I've PM'd you about what to do about this.
  4. Was just going to say, it's not too big of a deal to get your username changed. Never wanted to name myself after a bike. I keep changing bikes.
  5. Apparently, I would have been well served to have contacted an Admin.

    lesson learned, and they seem to be working to sort it all out for me. Again, all I can say is "Oops".
  6. Sugarkitten

    Sugarkitten Guest

    As long as you are not saying it before finding the exit to a corner...
  7. Don't start with me Jackal, I know where you ride.
  8. Really, Kevin? I made a mistake, I admitted to the mistake and I am working to rectify the mistake. Are you really adding anything to the conversation?
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  9. No, just said it Friday morning on my way to work. Cold tires on a slick spot. Need new a handlebar, and time for my knee to heal.
  10. Sugarkitten

    Sugarkitten Guest

    Arcane, sounds like you did say oops before finding the exit, I apologize if I come off as unpleasant, unfriendly or negative, but a simple mistake seems to have become a big deal. All I ever wanted to do was find like-minded people with whom I could ride...Then..this silliness.
  11. If there wasn't some silliness, what would be the point?
  12. Sugarkitten

    Sugarkitten Guest

    Generally, I enjoy a certain level of silliness, but being publicly called out for a simple mistake is...difficult. A PM would have easily solved the problem without creating...this.
  13. 1) Saying someone is dead is NOT cool. Even if it is/was you and is a joke.
    2) You were told that your alternate account wasn't allowed, yet you have since posted under both accounts.
    3) If you think Kevin's comment was inappropriate, you should have been here a couple years ago.
    4) "This" that you're referring to being drama, again...a couple years ago.

    tl;dr: you brought any perceived drama upon yourself, and your new name is pretty silly, but not less silly than picking a username based on your motorcycle.
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  14. are you logging in with both accounts and talking to yourself?
    I'd just let this thread die a miserable death.. and let the big kids fix your shit.

    Sugarkitten? haha.. how are you really gonna feel about that in a few years?
  15. being an asshole was invented in Boston, but being an asshole as a lifestyle choice was invented in Washington.
  16. Only since it became 'Pacific Northwestern California'. :mfclap:crackup::nana:stir::popcorn: